Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Nov 2012

Hello my deadly nightshades,

Alas it has been a long while since my last post! The reason being, is that I've been away on holidays, so it has taken me some time to readjust to real life... haha!

Anyways, just a quick one for now... been inspired by a lot of beauty products lately, namely false eyelashes and liquid eyeliner, which I know, is nothing new (except to me)!! Thank goodness for the opening of discount Japanese goods stores like Daiso and Tokuya, I am going to explore these new products and may post some pictures if they turn out well ^^ (and others too)

I also bought, on a whim, a cute black top hat fascinator to go with my black velvet jersey dress which I bought in H&M, whilst I was on holidays. Hopefully I shall be able to wear my new ensemble in the next anime convention (or costume party!) along with my signature black headdress! xD

I shall be creating some more cute / gothic designs soon, so keep an eye out!!

Yours lovingly in darkness,

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